Danni Keane

These boobs are fabulous, REALLY good quality, and very realistic. The skin shade selection is excellent and you can get a perfect match to your skin tone. The joy when wearing these in a nice low cut dress and you look down and go WOW!!!  đŸ™‚
Thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants some gorgeous bouncy boobies xxx

Anna Vincent 

Thank you Jeanne for
my wonderful Boobs.
You can see the quality
s soon as you open the package. They fit great, coloured right and look amazing on! 

Glannis Glamour 

Great boobs, very good service. Very real Colour en feel good.

Trisha Marie

Super high quality product. Ordered size C and modelling them on my current profile photo. Was really impressed with the time from production to receiving them from the local parcel office which was approximately 2 weeks. It’s certainly opened up my wardrobe as i can wear low cut tops and dresses. A lot of girls ask me about my cleavage on and offline and got no hesitation in sending them in the direction of BoobsShop

Philippe Michiels

They have the most natural look you can imagine, excellent quality great service

Cindy Conti

I recently ordered a size C from BoobsShop, i am very happy with my purchase, the communication with Jeanne was great and the whole making process and delivery only took about 2 or so weeks! Will be back again for some more!

Maryse McCulloch

Super high quality product, was really impressed with the time it took aswell, was only around 2 weeks, fast response whenever I had questions, great company will definitely use again. Speaking for myself these really do open up alot of possibilities for a crossdresser as you no longer have to worry about blending in often miss-colored silicone breast forms and gives you the ability to take your pictures to the next level

Miriam Martin

Hola ya recibi mis pechos son perfectos me gustan mucho el material es de muy buena calidad mis amigos me preguntan si me opere

Jennie Adams 

I have some in a c cup and they are AMAZING! So realistic, and a perfect colour match. People keep asking me if they are real and if I have had a boob job! The quality is fantastic and they look so real you could wear them exposed with an under bust corset if you wished. I can’t recommend them enough. The service and communication was good and they arrived quickly.

Virginia Janssen

I had to wait a while – which was not Jeannes fault at all – but it was absolutely worth it. From the moment I saw my new set of breastforms, I fell in love with them. I have other, very expensive prosthetics but they just don’t compare to the ones from Jeanne. I have them now for more than 6 months and they still look as good as new. They make me feel like a real woman!

Melissa Fox

I recently purchased the “C” size from Breast Forms B-Shop and am absolutely amazed at how realistic they look. They take the art of gender illusion to a whole new level. I’l be a buying a 2nd pair of the new “D” size soon.

Marina Annabe

I am the happy owner of silicone boobs by BoobsShop. It is very gentle and sensual, her nipples begin to excite from the first sight. Guys, it is great job.

Suzy Tapin

Je suis heureuse et ravie d’Ă©crire ce message…
Depuis que j’ai achetĂ© ma nouvelle poitrine taille F, je suis devenue une autre femme, et je fais de nombreuses conquĂȘtes, j’attire l’attention des hommes qui prĂ©fĂšrent tromper leur femme avec moi plutĂŽt que de ne rien faire…
Quel plaisir de porter une opulente poitrine dans la rue, et de voir les regards se retourner sur elle…
Je te remercie du fond du coeur Jeanne, je suis transformĂ©e, grĂące Ă  toi…
Et encore Merci

Natasha Wedberg

Bought two pairs D and F cups. D are perfect for going out and F are just WOW when you feel a bit on the sluttier side at home or aĂłn that special date. The fit is perfect and they do look as realistic as ever possible. Love to wear them and show them off in tight dresses with a deep neckline (which I couldn’t even wear before). Couldn’t be happier with them!!!

Missy Collant

I’ve received my order after
5 working days (extremely quick!) and Jeanne’s assistance with the shipment was spot on. The products
(I ordered Boobs size D and Hip Pads) are just phenomenal and Jeanne absolutely matched my skin tone 100%. I can’t stop wearing them! đŸ™‚

Kiddy Phenil

When I first saw these boobs

I wasn’t sure if they would work for me and my coloring. I did see one individual of color with them and they looked so natural on her so
I decided to take a gamble to purchase them. 
And I am so glad I did!!
Ms. Jeanne was really helpful and she worked with me until they were just right! They were the D cups in case you are wondering. And when they arrived (which was quicker than I expected), they looked absolutely magnificent! Not only did they match my skin tone, they felt and looked wonderful! 
If you want natural looking silicone boobs
 don’t look any further!

Ayishah Khan

5/5 Amazing boobs; would recommend a thousand times!

I bought the D-Cups with back-strap; they’re super comfy and easy to wear. Their transformative ability is simply amazing! Just simply slip a pair on and be transformed into the beautiful, busty girl of your dreams!

Contact with Jeanne was brilliant – she replied promptly and in a detailed way to any queries I had, and she kept me updated with the details of my package even during these strange times (Covid-19 situation).

I cannot recommend these boobs enough – what are you waiting for? Order now; you won’t regret it! x

Mihz Unreal

6/5 stars! There are many reviews on the quality of these breasts. Very realistic (if that’s what you’re going for) and campy if you need a rack large enough to make a statement. What really sells me on buying from Boobsshop is Jeanne. She is extremely responsive and knows how to run an internationally scaled business. Do not fret about asking questions. Jeanne will give her honest and humble opinion on what shade/size might be right for you. I did my own research prior to purchasing and I’ll tell you that I have not encountered a single dissatisfied client. I will be recommending this to the entire San Francisco drag community.

Katerina Hellam

Jeanne Lazareva is brilliant. She is an absolute star and really helpful (helping my locate and deal with a shipment that had gone astray as UK customs had their hands all over my breasts). The product itself (A D cup gel filled breast plate) was well wrapped up and top notch. I tried them on as soon as I could and they look terriific! Now all I need to do is go for a proper dressing session at my local service and get some fabulous photos with them . Now though I think I’m going to be getting lots of men staring at my chest instead of my face! Thanks again Jeanne and Boobsshop – excellent product and excellent service. This Kat recommends! đŸ˜

Nina Carrera

Jeanne Lazareva and her products are amazing and life changing. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my Boobs!! I ordered the C cup and they are so realistic and wonderful. Thank you so much Jeanne and Boobshop, you have truly changed my life.